Are You Looking for Versatile Architectural Finish - Consider Belbien Decorative Vinyl Films

March 02 2023 – Liam Cousins

Are You Looking for Versatile Architectural Finish - Consider Belbien Decorative Vinyl Films
Are You Looking for Versatile Architectural Finish - Consider Belbien Decorative Vinyl Films

Belbien decorative vinyl film is an decorative architectural film that offers building owners an alternative to replacing existing solid, smooth, and non-porous surfaces. Several of these surfaces just need to be refreshed or updated. Deconstruction and replacement work can be highly expensive. You can use Belbien to get rid of these issues.

What is Belbien Decorative Vinyl Film?

Belbien is a vinyl film that can be applied to curved or flat surfaces and has a pressure-sensitive adhesive. It includes hundreds of patterns that can be used to replace objects with aesthetic appeal, such as brushed metals, leather, stone, and wood. Belbien produces rolled films that may be used both indoors and outdoors and can be applied to intricate designs and substantial constructions.

The ability to creatively alter a room's looks is one of the biggest advantages of employing Belbien decorative vinyl film. These ornamental self-adhesive films are extremely durable, long-lasting, and weather resistant. It is vital to remember that Belbien has a highly special applicability. The wallcovering Belbien has a pressure-sensitive adhesive, unlike laminates or traditional wallcovering. To ensure a successful installation, it is strongly advised that clients only work with skilled and certified technicians.

These are Self-adhesive Decorative Films

The biggest problem for designers and architects is often transforming commercial space with the least amount of costs, downtime, and inconveniences. A solution that offers flexibility and extends the life of the decorating fittings would be a perfect refurbishment finish because sustainability continues to push the commercial construction industry to embrace innovations.

Indeed, Belbien is an architectural film that is self-adhesive decorative film and has exceptional design, water resistance, and most important durability. Now, it is the only provider of decorative film that develops, creates, and produces the product all under one roof, ensuring high-quality production through an extensive control system.

How are These Applied?

Belbien adhesive guarantees clean, quick installation on a diversity of substrates, including finishing for commercial areas such as hotels, business offices, healthcare facilities, and educational settings. A better and flexible installation on highly detailed and 3D surfaces, such as door frames, elevators, moldings, huge store fixtures, and even cruise ship interiors, is made possible by this thin, lightweight solution, which has a thickness of just 0.2 mm.

Moreover, the film will reach its peak bonding strength with its original pressure-sensitive adhesive system in just 8 to 12 hours, resulting in a clean application with little downtime. When opposed to flat type adhesive, its hybrid adhesive technology makes it easier to remove air during application, making it suited for installation in high traffic locations like subways, malls, and even toilets. The exceptional color-fastness, stain and chemical resistance of several Belbien patterns make them suited for use on outside surfaces and stable throughout climate changes.