Feature of Belbien

Belbien is a self-adhesive decorative films with excellent design quality, durability, and water resistance. With a rich variety, Belbien products have been used since 1980 in a variety of applications around the world, ranging from interior and exterior design of buildings to fittings, furniture, sign boards, vehicles, and vessels.

Belbien is the only decorative film supplier that designs, manufactures, and tests products under one roof, providing high quality through a complete control system. We supply rolled films that can be applied to complicated shapes and large structures. In addition, we use pressure-sensitive adhesive to eliminate the need for curing, achieving clean film application in a short time.

Ideas for Belbien

The idea of pasting thin sheets may be an idea from the Japanese people as part of the aesthetic sense connected to shoji screens and fusumas. Valuing this sense, we have been working to imbue polyvinyl chloride—the film material—with this delicate sense. Through these efforts, Belbien has evolved into a new material that provides the individuality that can never be expressed by the traditional polyvinyl-chloride films.

Belbien is familiar with polyvinyl chloride, which is why we have achieved textures beyond the idea that polyvinyl chloride is a substitute. Everything about belbien comes from the concept that we want to help create high-quality spaces.

Grain created from the harmony between the shape and shading that you can see, touch, and feel; textures provided by many precise layers in the thickness of 150 μm; and color quality produced by combining colors with richness, glossiness, and transparency—belbien brand products combine these three elements in a highly sophisticated balance to express individuality.

In the industry, we are the only company with an in-house designer team to develop designs through serious consideration and the pursuit of excellence. These designs are sublimated by craftsmanship to a higher level— Belbien. The techniques of each professional are combined to provide the  Belbien products with the individuality of high quality.